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New hair style for men

In this article I found difficulties in the details of men’s hair, but I challenged myself to write an article with masculine details. So I asked a friend from the family hairdresser for information. Thank you very much Andrea, with his help I was able to write this article. Come with me, choose your type and colors, you will be cool and sexy. There are so many designs and colors that the barber needs.

The last months of the new year 2019 offer collection of the best men’s hairstyles that are particularly suited to the eastern man with both long and short hair.

The best men’s hairstyles are easy to apply in addition to being suitable for all types of hair;

One of the best hairstyles suitable for men with short, light hair; the haircut is based on a uniform pattern of hair length.

The Buzz Cut takes many forms, including pinpointing the top of the hair : the story does not need too much hair care, therefore it is applied in many military schools.

One of the best long hairstyles, which is based hair cut while keeping the forehead along the same back of the head.

To get The Bob’s hairstyle, all you have to do is wash and dry your hair with a towel, then apply a makeup cream or mousse to control the hair, making look easy and sexy.

One of the classic hairstyles that appeared in England in the period following World War I, is based on keeping hair long from the top and softening it on both sides.
To maintain the attractive look of the men’s haircut, it is recommended to shave the sides every two to three weeks;

Another men’s hairstyles, which appeared at the end of the nineties and returned to the spotlight again at the beginning of 2019, is characterized by long and messy hair in front with short hair and sides.

The story of The Updated Custains. To get an attractive at look all you have to do is apply a little hair or gel cream to the palm of your hands, then pass your fingers on wet hair.
The new update is a famous traditional shave, which relies on cutting the sides of the hair while maintaining the length of the hair in the upper area, and enables the full shaving of the sides while preserving the hair of the upper area.
For a distinctive look, experts recommend using a round bristle brush for a suitable height in the upper area of ​​the head, then positioning the hairspray on the palm of your hands and rubbing it, then passing the fingers between the tufts of the hair from the front to back.

The men’s hairstyles that fit the round face, with thick hair in the front combed down the front, with no sides.

Blunt Fringe does not require much effort, just moisturize the hair, then place the stabilizer and comb forward with a narrow tooth comb.
The Undercut hairstyle brings us back to the classic cuts that rely on a high, naturally oriented upper with inscribed sides, experts recommend using a matte hair mousse.

The high bun style that has spread so much over the past year has come to an end with the wavy hair of fashion, which appeared during the 2019 Oscars.

Mid-Length Waves fits well with thick, wavy hair, which reaches up to the middle of the jaw from the front, while maintaining its length to the end of the neck in the posterior area.
To preserve the attractive shape of the Mid-Length Waves, experts recommend that you cut the ends of the hair randomly to grow denser.
The haircut combines classic and modern at the same time, which is clearly visible in the upper area with a distinctive density at the front of the head with no hair sides that give the story a modern twist.

One of the most famous men’s hairstyles that suits long hair, which gives the owner a simple natural look, fits with the owners of thick and wavy hair.

The story of Pompadour appeared in the 1950s, but it reappeared strongly with the beginning of 2019, and the story is based on the head of the thick and high head with a slight gradation of the hair of both sides.
Pompadour’s fashion in 2019 is different, as it is matte in contrast to its beginning in the fifties that appeared with the typical glossy look.

See you all in the next article. Warm Hug

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